Genuine Leather Apple Watch Bands Pink/Gold Square buckle 38mm 40mm 41mm


  • WRIST SIZE: Apple Watch Se, SERIES 7 & ; 6 & 5 & ; 4 & ; 3 & ; 2 & ; 141 mm 40 mm 38 mm guide Apple Watch. A wrist circumference of 130 mm something 195 mm (5.30 inches something 7.70 inches) .
  • HIGH-QUALITY LEATHER: made of high-quality leather with fashionable technology, it is skid-proof, durable, comfortable and unique in ventilation.
  • adapters: adapters are handled in a special way, installed and disassembled, and are sturdy and not easily damaged.
  • exquisite workmanship, comfortable appearance, exquisite workmanship, and elegant appearance. Comfortable to wear.
  • QUALITY: this product is Ergonomic in design, stylish and shows quality and durability.

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1. High-grade, breathable, comfortable, luxurious texture, elegant appearance, soft, durable, feel comfortable, durable.

2. Each part makes up the strap. Using A top-of-the-line Dermal laser, it looks like cowhide muscle.

3. Skin-friendly, comfortable and outstanding texture, will not hurt the skin, you can rest assured to use.

4. The 316 stainless steel clasp and connector are stainless steel, with a metallic sheen and texture that gives it an elegant look when paired with leather.

5. Ergonomic design, elegant ventilation, close to the wrist, feel outstanding. High Quality, durable.

Product description: Apple Watch special strap,

material: cowhide/leather/stainless steel,

suitable model: Apple Watch Se, Series 7 & AMP; 6 & AMP; 5 & 4 & AMP; 2 & AMP; 1

Size: suitable for 38 mm 40 mm compatible Apple Watch. Arm Size: 130mm something 195mm (5.30”something 7.70”)

Additional information

Dimensions 4.1 × 0.5 × 0.2 cm


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